• Use case description: The use case has been built on top of the existing ontologies used in the company. The ontologies has been used for semantic modelling of material properties and chemical composition.
    It consist of capturing of all relevant chemical, manufacturing requirements and mechanical properties related to each manufacturing grade. Such a manufacturing grade ontology have a complex definition. The manufacturing grade must-have reference to upper ontology resources such as chemical elements, crystalline structures and units of measure. For purchase companies typically issue material specifications or material data sheets (MDS), containing specializations of standard industrial grades material and test requirements. Semantic representation of MSD will be done in a similar as semantic representation of standard grades. MDS semantics can enable collaboration between organisations and be the foundation for machine supported QC. 

  • Use case goal: The main goal of this use case is to describe data from various sources within the Aibel organization, semantically, in order to:
    ·    improve the reusability of data and processes,
    ·    find inconsistencies via reasoning in terms of specific requirements,
    ·    improve interoperability between departments/organizations, and
    ·    improve interoperability between applications.

The material grades has been compared as listed in EN, ISO or ASTM standards. The reasoned engine have determined which are the same and which are specializations of another standard material grade based on their semantic definition.