Objectives of this Focus Area

  • Development of a Top Reference Ontology (TRO) to allow Top-Level Ontology (TLO) comparison and interoperability providing a foundation for harmonisation and data sharing between ontologies based on different TLOs.
  • Definition of an open top-level ontological framework.
  • Development of the Mid-Level Ontology (MLO) that will constitute the foundation of the Domain-Level-Ontology (DLO) and provide terminological alignment between MLOs belonging to different TLOs branches.
  • Identify and engage existing ontology experts stakeholders for input gathering, feedback and community agreement.

Reasons to join this Focus area

  • Discover how to express human knowledge through a widely applicable and general methodology that is easily processable by digital devices to enable the exploitation of the computational power of modern HPC facilities and software.
  • Discover how to facilitate the interoperability between standards, vocabularies, data, and software tools.
  • Contribute to creating a generic data documentation methodology that enables to easily find, assess, interpret, and retrieve data generated in different sectors.
  • Network with projects and initiatives with similar objectives. 

Focus Area contact:

Emanuele Ghedini (Università di Bologna) -  emanuele.ghedini[at]unibo.it 

To join this Focus Area, you will need an OntoCommons account.