The External Advisory Group (EAG) is a group of experts that will provide advice and feedback on the OntoCommons activities, propose links with relevant interest groups outside the consortium, and encourage the potential interactions of the project with other projects, initiatives and activities. The Advisory Group will support the building of relationships with stakeholders in Europe and internationally, and will promote and enhance the external communication activities of the OntoCommons project in order to ensure visibility of the EU-wide standardised data documentation that ensures interoperability of data. 

Hermann Brand

European Standards Affairs Director, IEEE European Office

Winfried Keiper

Specialist F&E at Robert Bosch GmbH

Nina Jeliazkova

Technical manager at Ideaconsult Ltd.

Heiner Oberkampf

Head of Data Governance at OSTHUS GmbH

Patrick Guillemin

Technical Officer at ETSI

Fernando Mas Morate

Professor and Associate Researcher Member

Barry Smith

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Philosophy