Georg J. Schmitz

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Full Name: Georg J. Schmitz
Job title: Senior Scientist
Organisation Name: ACCESS e.V
Country: DE

Short bio

Georg J. Schmitz is a senior scientist at ACCESS e.V., a private non‐profit research association at the RWTH Aachen University, where he is responsible for the Global Sales & Support of the MICRrostructure Evolution Simulation Software MICRESS®. His research interests comprise microstructure evolution in multicomponent alloys, crystallization on micropatterned surfaces, self‐assembly processes, modelling of solidification phenomena, phase‐field models, thermodynamics, integrative computational materials engineering “ICME”, mereotopology and the role of entropy in cosmology. He is one of the contributors to the development of the Elementary Multiperspective Material Ontology (EMMO) within the EU Project MarketPlace.