Nina Jeliazkova

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Full Name: Nina Jeliazkova
Job title: Technical manager at Ideaconsult Ltd.
Organisation Name: Ideaconsult Ltd.
Country: BG

Short bio

Nina Jeliazkova started her professional career as a software developer first at the oil refinery Neftochim at Burgas, Bulgaria (1991 ‐ 1995), then at the Laboratory for Mathematical Chemistry, Burgas, Bulgaria (1996 ‐ 2001). She joined the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1996 as a researcher and network engineer at the Network Operating Centre of the Bulgarian National Research and Education Network. She is the founder and co‐owner of Ideaconsult Ltd and is the technical manager of the company since 2009. She participated in a number of R&D projects in Belgium and Bulgaria, authored and co‐authored about 40 scientific papers in Bulgarian and international textbooks, as well as several book chapters. Nina received the Blue Obelisk Award in 2010 for achievements in promoting Open Data, Open Source, and Open Standards.