Objectives of this Focus Area
  • Provide feedback from the industrial stakeholders to the OntoCommons activities.
  • Help the industrial applications to benefit from the expertise and best practices, as well as developments provided by the OntoCommons project.
  • Demonstrate the impact of OntoCommons end-products on industrial applications.
Reasons to join this Focus area
  • Provide requirements and use cases to help the development of the OntoCommons Ecosystem.
  • Access to a large network of experts in the field of semantic technologies.
  • Get first-hand access to the OntoCommons best practices and guidelines regarding ontology-based data documentation.
  • Learn more about FAIR principles and their adoption.
  • Discover how to improve the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of your use cases via ontology-based data documentation. 


Focus Area contact:

Anna Fensel - anna.fensel[at]sti2.at
Umutcan Simsek - umutcan.simsek[at]sti2.at


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Help shaping the future of the OntoCommons Roadmap by filling in our survey

by r.giuffrida

Dear all,

With the release of the second iteration of the OntoCommons Roadmap approaching, the OntoCommons consortium aims to gather new strategic insights building on the results of the first version.