The International Standard for intelligent information Request and Delivery

About iiRDS

iiRDS aims to establish standards that cover the request and the delivery of intelligent information between companies, organisations and individuals. The standards open new methods of advanced technical communication and iiRDS enables the delivery of precise information in the area of smart manufacturing,

iiRDS has developed a Consortium that aims to advance the development of the standards.


Collaboration with OntoCommons

OntoCommons and iiRDS have started cooperative discussions in the following areas:

  • the standards and ontologies developed by iiRDS can be exploited for the development of a new OntoCommons demonstrator;
  • the iiRDS ontology can be harmonise and made interoperable with the other ontologies involved in the OntoCommons project (e.g. EMMO, DOLCE, BFO).  
  • iiRDS will provide insights and recommendations to shape the OntoCommons Roadmap.