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15 Nov

knowledge graph alliance

Knowledge Graph Alliance (KGA) presents its new Working Groups

A webinar will present the six newly set working groups of the Knowledge Graph Alliance, the bridge connecting existing and future efforts in Semantic Knowledge Graph science and technology.

19 Mar - 19 Mar

EOSC symposium

OntoCommons Showcasing Expertise at EOSC Symposium in Madrid - 20-22 September

We are pleased to announce that OntoCommons participates at the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Sym

20 Sep - 22 Sep

Formal Ontologies, Applied Sciences and Data

"Formal Ontologies, Applied Sciences and Data" Workshop

Formal ontologies represent domain structures, with top-level ontologies focusing on broad notions with different models use diverse formal languages, and data become factual propositions. In order to analyse these topics in depth, the OntoCommons consortium's workshop in Bologna on October 2-4, 2023, explores formal ontology connections across disciplines.

02 Oct - 04 Oct

onto commons top and mid level ontology workshop

OntoCommons Workshop on Practical reasoning for top-level and mid-level ontologies

The "OntoCommons Workshop on Practical reasoning for top-level and mid-level ontologies" workshop aims to connect the applied research of the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning community with the community of developers and users of TLOs and MLOs.

03 May - 04 May

OntoCommons Second Global Workshop: Call for Posters

OntoCommons Second Global Workshop: Call for Posters

During the OntoCommons 2nd Global Workshop, in addition to keynote presentations and panel discussions, it is possible to submit posters related to ontologies, industry, standards, FAIR and EOSC. Submit your poster!

04 Apr

Demonstrators Tutorial

OntoCommons - Demonstrators Tutorials

In order to provide more hands-on experience that can help the Demonstrators to build their use cases and industrial, the OntoCommons team has scheduled a series of webinars that present the main outcomes from the project.

13 Mar