Winfried Keiper

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Full Name: Winfried Keiper
Job title: Specialist F&E at Robert Bosch GmbH
Organisation Name: Robert Bosch GmbH
Country: DE

Short bio

Winfried Keiper gained his Ph.D. in Physics in 1984 from Aachen University. After his academic career, he joined Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany, where he served in various functions and locations (Germany, USA, France) for Bosch Corporate Research and Bosch divisions. His responsibilities included managing Acoustics research, head of Tribology, and several other technical directorial posts in R&D. Currently he is in charge of publicly funded projects for Bosch Corporate Research in both automotive and non‐automotive sectors, with special personal interests in advanced materials and sensors, nano and quantum devices, robotics, and manufacturing, medical, energy storage, or AI.